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I’m, Simone,

A high-performance psychology coach, specializing in creating relationships, happiness and success.

For 20 years, thanks to world-renowned trainers, and of course co-hosting Loveline with the phenomenal Dr. Drew, I’ve been helping top musicians, actors and writers from TV’s leading shows, elite athletes, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Execs find their dream partner, build incredible relationships, enjoy the best sex of their lives, and achieve their greatest business and career success.

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I’ve taught thousands of men and women how to re-write their story to have their greatest relationships, sex and happiness and expand this success into unlocking their greatest achievements.

Simone BienneInternational authority on high-performance psychology in relationships and success.

Simone is the best. She changes lives. No one in America does what Simone does in the way she does it.

Dr. Drew

Simone has something special. Her ideas can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Richard Branson

I love Simone… she’s an absolute delight! I could talk with her all day!

Robin Roberts

Simone dares to go there. She’s great… she’s bold, she’s fun… her advice hits the mark.

Jeff Probst

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