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    I'm Simone

    A high-performance psychology trainer and human behaviorist, specializing in successful relationships and impactful leadership.

    I’m dedicated to helping you unlock your relationship genius. You become a greater leader. In your personal relationships, you are inspired. Now enjoying love and intimacy to the fullest, you live your dream life.

    For twenty years, thanks to hosting advice show on radio, including Loveline with Dr. Drew, and appearing on TV as a leading expert on success in leadership, love, and life, I’ve had the privilege of helping celebrated musicians, actors, producers, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 execs find their ideal partner, have incredible relationships and intimacy, and achieve their greatest business and career success.

    My journey started when a surprise hospital visit changed my story forever…

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    My work and this site is here so you can have the best ideas and tools for 360 success

    Success in leadership, love and life.

    Thousands finally have what they want.


    You can too, I’ll show you how

    Simone is a strong powerful woman… she’s an important role model for women. No-one in America does what Simone does in the way she does it. She’s exceptional.

    Dr. Drew

    Simone has something special and unique. Her ideas can make a real difference in people’s lives.

    Sir Richard Branson

    I always wish we could talk with Simone more! Simone is a delight. A DELIGHT!”

    Robin Roberts

    Simone dares to go there. Her advice hits the mark.

    Jeff Probst

    Simone’s great! She’s exactly right about relationships.

    Lisa Vanderpump

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